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PCS vs The Competition

New Systems  Faster, more stable, more reliable, with English-speaking support.

Service  Lower priced, extremely high expertise, friendly, same tech each time,
remote assistance easily available, rush service available, all on-site.

Pricing  As little as half the price for hourly labor as others
and twice as good as them!

Experience  I've been servicing computers for businesses since 1991.
That's before cell phones, before internet (dial-up or otherwise), when
people used film to take pictures, no one had even heard of
"Windows" and we all thought that "286" was smokin'

Looking for balance in a computer support company? “Geeky” and “doc” companies charge $120/hour and a send 20-something kid to have at your business. Call them again and they’ll send another kid who has to re-learn your system each service call. Got a lot of money and patience? Then this may work for you. Hey, at least they show up in a decorated car! With PCS:

Valleywide 602-826-1303

  • You get an ultra-qualified specialist, with 19 years of computer experience doing exactly what I will do for you.You’ll pay half of what the other guys charge and you’ll get twice as competent of a technician!
  • The same person every time with no need to re-learn your systems.
  • You don’t get just another “geek,” you get a professional who is personally concerned with making your business and computer systems run their best!
  • I am very fast, extremely talented and extremely good at problem solving.  And I can explain it to you in lay terms you'll understand!
  • I have a wide and varied knowledge of all kinds of business types and the thousands of odd little needs that come up.
  • I can be available days, nights, weekends

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Rick Williams

Information Technology Specialist