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Your New Faster than Fast Computer!!

Ready to step ahead in speed like you've never seen?!?

  • Start with an Intel Core Processor. The current models are known as i3, i5 and i7. Think of these as "fast, faster, fastest."
  • Add plenty of Memory. New systems will come with 8GB typically.
  • Use a high quality motherboard. Always.
  • Run Windows 7 or Windows 8, with a straight load, unlike retail machines overloaded with software the day you buy them!
  • Use clean, efficient anti-virus software.
  • And most importantly, use a solid-state hard drive!

Give me a call today, and I'll build and deliver one of these powerhouses to your home or office! --RIck

Valleywide 602-826-1303

The Windows Experience Index, with the scale maximum 7.9

This disk performance rating 7.9 in this computer is quite literally "off the scale"

This i5 machine shows outstanding CPU performance and its 6.2 rating for video is

excellent for business use--gamers will want to add high performance video hardware.

This SSD Disk is demonstrating sustained read/write speeds at 510 MB/sec (over 5 times that of a traditional disk), with peak IOPS (Input/Output Operations per second) as high at 84,834!!!  Traditional disks aren't even close, rating down in the 100s!