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Emergency Support

In a Bind? I Can Help!

In situations where you require faster response time, the following schedule applies:

  • Scheduled appointments: no travel or additional charges.
  • Mission critical response (same day -- 4 business hours): half-hour additional charge.
  • Emergency level 1 (I arrive within two hours of your initial call): one hour additional charge.
  • Emergency level 2 (I stop what I'm doing and immediately come to you): two hours additional charge.

To obtain the fastest response possible, please be sure to indicate in your request the desired response timeframe, whether in conversation or email or text message.  Please send a text message if you do not get ahold of me directly, indicating your specific need and desired response time.  (If i am on another job or otherwise occupied, I will be able to quickly see the text message and respond accordingly.)

Valleywide 602-826-1303