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Virus Removal

The Internet is a Dangerous Place

It happens, too often unfortunately.  Even with anti-virus software installed on your computer, there are armies of malware programmers working to find ways to infect your computer, and they sometimes succeed.

Typically, you'll have a pretty good idea if your computer has a virus.  It will become slow, you will get pop-up ads, your searches will be re-directed, or fake software will be telling you that you have a virus, and that you must send them money to remove it.  Please do not fall for their scam!  Call me and I'll get rid of the virus for you.

Sometimes a removal is simple, and you can even attempt it yourself.  Download the free version of MalwareBytes, and let it scan your PC.  Next level would likely need an expert to remove it, yet still might be relatively painless.  Third level would be the same, but take more efforts.  Finally, and only in rare cases, there might be so much damage inflicted by a virus that you must fresh-load your system.  Note that the retail "geeks" will turn to this option first rather than last, and you'll have to reload all of your software, and reconfigure your whole system.  I will do this only as a last resort.  And if I do this, I will make every effort to be certain your data is backed up first.

So, give me a call today, and I'll get rid of that bug for you!

What Can be Done to Help Prevent Infections?

Obviously, have a up-to-date anti-virus software.  There are free and nearly free options available.  Also considering running site adviser software.  See Free Software section for links to these.  Be aware that even with the most advanced anti-virus software, if you browse or download from untrusted sources, infections will happen.  Be careful online!

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