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Is your computer creeping along these days? There are many reasons this may be.  Here are some:

  • Your computer is over 4 years old.
  • You are running Windows XP or Vista.
  • Increasing memory (RAM) needs have exceeded your installed memory.
  • You computer has a Virus or Malware.
  • Your computer is over-loaded with installed software.

Valleywide 602-826-1303

My Computer is SLOW!

So what can be done?  There is hope!

If your computer is over 4 years old, you might consider replacing it.  New Intel Core machines are amazingly fast!   A well-built new machine will be several times faster than a 4+ year old unit!  Give me a call or email and I'll send over a quote!

If you recently bought a computer and it's not as fast as you think it ought to be, this may an effect of too many pre-loaded programs, or over-intrusive anti-virus software.  I can tune it up for you. ...And next time, start instead with a blazing fast PCS computer!

An easy upgrade may help.  Memory is inexpensive and can breath new life into an aging computer.  Give me a call or email and and bring some over!  If your PC is 1-3 years old, swapping in a solid-state hard drive will make a huge difference!

If you think you have a virus or malware, you'll likely know it because you'll get pop-up ads trying to sell you something, coming out of nowhere.  I can in some cases remove a virus remotely, or if not, I can come to your location and take care of it.  In most cases I can remove viruses and spyware without damaging the remaining system. This is not the case with many retail repair shops. I've seen many times where they insist that the "only" solution is to fresh-load your system.  This is time-consuming, expensive, and in almost every case, unnecessary.  See Virus Removal. Give me a call, and I'll clean your system and get you back in business in no time!