Response time for a technician on-site
Mission critical needs receive same-day response. Being a small operation, I cannot guarantee a specific response time; however, I offer three levels of urgency. Normal service requests will be scheduled as time is available. “Mission critical” is defined as an operation you or your company absolutely needs to operate your business. “Same day” response is defined as having a technician on-site by 5pm if your initial request is made before noon, else by noon the next business day if your initial request is made after noon. Even if an issue cannot be resolved by normal end-of-business, in many cases items can be addressed remotely or by after-hours entry if you provide that access. Same-day requests carry one-half hour additional billing to cover travel costs.

When you need service as quickly as possible
I carry two cell phones. The emergency phone is to be used only in the event of an urgent request.  Typically you issue as part of your initial phone call an “extremely urgent request.” I suggest sending a text message along with using the urgent phone number to be certain your request is processed immediately. If I successfully arrive within two hours of your initial request, you will pay an additional one hour of labor for this quicker response. Upon your request, if at all possible, I will drop whatever current appointment is in progress and come to you immediately.  My arrival will depend on my proximity to you of course.  A two-hour additional charge applies when you request that I drop what I am doing and come immediately to you.  If I am unavailable or for any reason and I cannot meet the two-hour request, there will be no extra charge. Obviously, your request would still receive top priority as I would come to you as quickly as possible, but you would only be charged the additional hour(s) in the event that both you requested it and I actually arrived within two hours of your initial call. Note that your need does not have to actually be extremely urgent. For those with cash to burn, if you would simply like to see me ASAP, let me know that you are willing to pay the extra hour, and I’ll still drop what I’m doing and come immediately, regardless of the real urgency of your request.

After-hours work
Currently there is no additional labor charge premium for after-hours or weekend work. Some customers take advantage of this by scheduling maintenance, backups and other non-critical work after-hours so that their daytime productivity is not impeded! Sundays are generally not available. Requested and approved work on Sunday is billed at 1.5X.

Reduced rates

Normal rate for all billable labor is $75/hour. If you pre-pay for 10 or more hours, that rate is reduced to $65/hour, so long as you have a positive pre-paid balance. Also, home users can request a special evening rate of $50/hour when using two hours at a time, as scheduling allows. Many use this discounted rate for one-on-one training, which can be very beneficial to those learning. Pre-paid time never expires. You may use it as you need. If the event arises that you no longer need PCS services, any unused pre-paid time will be refunded.

Phone and remote access
Most of the time short questions and many “quick fix remotely” service calls are so short that is just isn’t worth the trouble to attempt to document and bill for these, so I consider short phone calls to be just part of your standard customer service. Recently, some customers are finding that they use me this way often enough that I have set up a special program for them. If you would like, I can set up a similar account for you where phone minutes are billed. The rate is a very reasonable $1/minute, which is actually less than $75/hour on-site service time.

Travel time
For normal scheduled appointments, I do not bill for travel time! You only pay for the actual time I spend at your home or office. Extremely far distances (for example Sun City, Anthem, Gold Canyon) also have an additional one-half hour billing for each appointment.

Minimum labor charge and "billable time"
The minimum on-site labor charge is one hour. Billable time begins when the technician arrives on-site and ends when the customer has stopped using the technician’s time.  Minimum remote assistance charge is 0.25 hours.

By the job or by the hour?
If you desire, you may request an estimate for labor on a particular job. I will provide an estimate for that particular job and complete the labor for the estimated price. If unforeseen conditions arise using additional time or if additional projects are given which are beyond the scope of the original estimate, those items or projects will be billed separately. Normally I will bill by the hour for the amount of time used from start to finish. If, however, you pre-pay the invoice estimate, I will honor the estimate and complete the job at no additional cost, even if the job takes longer than expected.

Backup and data loss
Every effort will be made by PCS to not endanger your data in any way. Your data, the backing up thereof, and the verification of that backup, is 100% your responsibility. By allowing a PCS technician access to your data, it is understood that you agree that you cannot hold PCS or its employees to any liability for any data loss. Please make backups of your data regularly and prior to any service.

Downtime or loss of productivity
PCS guarantees no specific time frame of response to or repair of any particular problem. Software or equipment failure resulting in downtime or productivity loss on your part, is not the responsibility of PCS or its employees. We make every effort to encourage regular data backup and recommend redundant hardware where downtime would be costly. We have programs in place to get a technician to you and begin working on your systems quickly. We employ only the most competent technicians. We recommend the highest grade equipment. However, problems do happen. Neither PCS or its employees can be held liable for your data loss or productivity loss. By purchasing equipment from PCS or allowing a PCS technician to work on your systems, it is understood that you agree to these terms.

Labor warranty policy
There is no warranty, real or implied, for labor provided by PCS. However, I am very interested in your long term patronage and will attempt in good faith to resolve any concerns you may have if you feel you have not received a complete solution. I will make every effort to see that you are satisfied with the service you receive.

Hardware warranty policy
New systems sales carry a one-year limited warranty on parts and labor (the construction of hardware and installation of original software). Extended warranties are available on request. This warranty covers only complete system purchases from PCS. The warranty does not cover installation of software by the customer or installation of any hardware by the customer. Variations from this policy are solely at the discretion of PCS. Other individual hardware purchased from PCS or installed by PCS also carries a limited warranty, typically one-year. Some components individually carry extended warranty of two or three years. I will often be available to assist you in returning these products to their manufacturer.

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