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Quality Built Systems

It's just a computer. Right?

Small business is the ideal place for a new custom-built and quality-built workstation, provided by Phoenix Computing Systems, of course.  We use only proven manufacturers and vendors for each component.  Seems like a simple thing, but it may be the single best computer hardware choice you make.

  • Overall system life expectancy: 3 years minimum, 5-7 years typical, often replaced because of desire for modern equipment, not because of failure.
  • Systems using Intel Processors run cooler, use less power, and are quieter than AMD-based. Intel Core Processors are the fastest CPUs ever made!
  • Choosing the latest technology of a solid-state hard drive will make more  difference than any other component in your system.  PCS systems include SSD technology, making our builds night-and-day faster than those using a traditional hard disk, with benchmarked input-output operations per second rated at over 100X  that of a traditional mechanical drive!
  • Giga-Byte motherboards have proven to be the most stable, fastest, and most reliable motherboards.
  • Western Digital hard drives are hands-down, the most reliable drives made. Enterprise class drives are rated 1.2 million hours MTBF. They are quiet (29 dBA typical, near the threshold of human hearing), and low-power consuming (9 watts in operation <1 watt standby).
  • Name-brand DVD writers (Sony, NEC, Pioneer) last for years, where off-brands often fail or at best barely will read discs by year 3.
  • Power supplies used in our systems are virtually silent!

Valleywide 602-826-1303

A PCS computer is a lot more than a "shelf" or "mail order" machine.  The other guys might put in only some or even none of these enhancements just to save a buck and make the price look more attractive.  In your business, one day of downtime could cost you the price of a whole computer, or more! ... let's not even consider what a failed hard disk might cost!  It just plain make sense to buy the most reliable PC you can get.  And the best news?  A PCS computer has ALL of these performance and reliability enhancements included, at nearly the same price!

Speaking of the other guys, now really, what kind of customer service forwards your support call to someone in India?  With PCS you get on-site warranty, same-tech-each-time, friendly, reliable service, with build quality to ensure you need it less!

All computers delivered by PCS include:

  • On-site delivery and setup including 1 hour spent personally with you, to use however you like--loading software, training, email setup, or copying data from your old machine.
  • Ordered operating system and application software comes pre-loaded, so it's ready to go from the moment your new PC arrives.
  • 1-year on-site warranty, with extended warranty available on request.
  • And perhaps the most important in our new "world" economy, a native english-speaking person that lives in your town, available to support it!

Typical delivery time is 2-3 business days, though if you are ordering a standard business workstation, these are often in-stock and available for immediate delivery!

Call or email today and I'll send over a quote.