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Your First Service Call

I would like to thank you for visiting the website and considering using me as your computer service support provider.  Getting started is as simple as identifying your need, then placing a call or email, and scheduling a time where I will address that need.  There are no contracts, though at some point you may wish to save some money and simplify your billing by purchasing pre-paid blocks of 10 hours at a reduced rate.

I am extremely interested in a long-term relationship, as per the Mission Statement.  The vast majority of current clients have been served for many years.  I hope that our first service appointment is the beginning of a long, mutually beneficial relationship.  You will find that I will do my best to service your needs as efficiently as possible, and I won't charge you an arm and a leg either.  Why?  I'm a small business, like yours and I have low overhead and I don't need to.  I hope the combination of doing a great job for you and charging a reasonable rate will be the foundation of this relationship!

What to expect with PCS

Here's a typical scenario:  You find yourself in need of computer support.  First, you will contact me and let me know of your need and the nature and urgency of your request (see Pricing, Policies, and Emergency Support sections).  I will respond appropriately and schedule a visit.  Upon your satisfaction that the need has been met, I will present a bill which you will be expected to pay in cash, check, or credit card, at the end of the service call.  Once we have established an on-going relationship, payment terms or other methods may be established, though most simply choose to pay for service as they receive it.

That's it. Go ahead and pick up the phone or email me, and I'll see you soon!


Valleywide 602-826-1303