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My goal is to make pricing simple.  Computer system prices are competitive with the industry and carry the added value of on-site delivery, one-year on-site warranty, and 1 hour of time on-site to deliver and setup a new unit, all part of the deal!  See Quality Built Systems.

Labor pricing generally is $75/hour.  I am not of the school to punish my customers for doing business with me, so I do not feel the need to charge $100, $120, $150 an hour as many in my industry do.  I am much more concerned that I do a good job and that we have a long term, mutually beneficial relationship, than sticking it to you for billable labor!  Standard computer labor may include but not be limited to work on: workstations, at office and at home, servers, remote access, phone support, consultation, troubleshooting, virus removal, training, upgrades, repairs, installations, cabling, software loading, software troubleshooting.

Billing starts when I arrive on site, and ends when you stop using my time.  In scheduled situations, I cover all travel expenses.  In situations where you require faster response time, the following schedule applies:

  • Scheduled appointments: no travel or additional charges.
  • Mission critical response (same day -- 4 business hours): half-hour additional charge.
  • Emergency level 1 (I arrive within two hours of your initial call): one hour additional charge.
  • Emergency level 2 (I stop what I'm doing and immediately come to you): two hours additional charge.

Discounted labor applies when you pre-pay for 10 hours or more at a time, in advance, which is reduced to $65/hour.  Also, in some cases, home users may request two-hour evening blocks at $50/hour, often used for training.

Currently there is no additional labor premium for after-hours or weekend work.  Some customers take advantage of this by scheduling maintenance, backups and other non-critical work after-hours so that their daytime productivity is not impeded!  Sundays are generally not available, though requested and approved work on Sunday is billed at 1.5X.

Please see PCS Policies for a complete description of response time, billing, and expectations.


If you require immediate assistance, see Emergency Support.

Valleywide 602-826-1303