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Is it possible to have on-site computer support that is highly skilled and reasonably priced?  YES!  It is!

I offer service that is of extremely high expertise.  Plus, you get the same tech each time, available remote assistance, with rush service options, all on-site.

Big businesses has their own IT support on staff.  Smaller companies like yours will need to hire out computer support.  But, what has happened is many computer support companies think you are big business because they charge you like you are!  $100, $120, $150/hour rates are common.  I am a small business, just like you.  With low overhead, I can charge as little as half what the others do, at the same time providing equal (in many cases more) expertise than they can, while at the same time some other key benefits.

Please review the sections Quality Built Systems and PCS vs The Competition for just a few reasons why you might find using my services of extreme value to you.

Benefits to small business:

  • You get many of the benefits of having IT support on-staff, but at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own.  It just makes sense.
  • I am "on-call".  Use me when you need to.  You don't pay any ongoing charges.
  • I'm as little as half the price as the other guys and I'm twice as good as they are!
  • I am extremely fast and can often solve a problem in far less time than expected.
  • You get the same tech each time.  No need to re-learn your systems.
  • Rush Service Available.  See Emergency Support and Policies.
  • When purchasing 10 or more hours in a pre-paid block, only $65/hour.  See Pricing.

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Valleywide 602-826-1303